Seasoned Softwood Logs – 1 Dumpy Bag


If you are looking for quality seasoned softwood logs in Leeds or the surrounding areas, order from West Yorkshire Tree Services. We are your local seasoned softwood log suppliers in West Yorkshire offering a variety of quality premium firewood.

  • Softwood Logs
  • Stored & Dried
  • Low Moisture Content
  • Seasoned Firewood
  • Leeds & Surrounding Areas


Seasoned Softwood Logs Leeds

Our Softwood firewood logs are chosen from the finest softwood in the area. All our logs are split immediately and placed in our drying barns, we leave them for a minimum of 12 months which gives the firewood the best chance of meeting minimum moisture content seasoning as well as possible. The main objective of seasoning logs is to reduce the moisture content, and if you burn wet, unseasoned logs there is a higher chance of chimney flues being blocked which can be very dangerous.

All of our softwood logs are clean, lightweight and easy to handle. The low moisture content of our logs allows then to burn hotter for longer allowing a pleasant heat. Offering seasoned softwood logs in Leeds is what we specialise in. Order your softwood logs today to help you really get your fire started.


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