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Stump Grinding

Tree stumps often hold up building projects, prevent you from turfing or even create a dangerous tripping hazard.

Thanks to modern tree stump grinders, trying to extract a tree stump manually now truly is a detail of history. Choose not to risk the muscles in your back by trying to extract a tree stump manually. Instead, access our tree stump removal service for a very competitive price.

Our trained professionals have safely, affordably and quickly removed thousands of tree stumps in the West Yorkshire area. Our skilled operators maintain specialist equipment such as tree stump grinders. Stump grinding is a process where we grind the stump down below ground level, creating aerated mulch that will fill the hole left behind.

Manual removal of trees is renowned for damaging adjacent walls, patios, hard driveway surfaces, drains and underground utilities etc. We employ a range of stump grinders to safely and efficiently ‘grind out’ the main bowl of tree stump, reducing it to a re-usable mulch, this means minimal disturbance to your garden or property. The entire stump will be removed. Lateral roots extending from the grinded stump can, in exceptional circumstances, also be ground but are generally left to break down and decay naturally within the ground causing minimal disturbance. The whole process takes less than a day and the ground is then left ready to be redeveloped however you have planned.

By removing your tree stump you will have:

  • Stump free ground ready for just about any purpose
  • Extra space that you can now use for flowerbeds, more lawn or even a building project.
  • Removed a trip hazard and obstacle from your garden. If the stump was on your lawn then mowing will now be easier than before.
  • No chance for new shoots to grow. These shoots could have been robbing nutrients from nearby plants and encouraging underground root growth

If the stump is close to a building or other structure we may require a structural engineer to inspect the area to ensure extraction will not conflict adjacent buildings?

Once the work is completed we will tidy up the mess and your garden or development site will be left ready for use.

We undertake all tree removal projects for both commercial and residential customers. If you are unsure of the tree service you are looking for then contact West Yorkshire Tree Services on 01134 182364 for any advice you may need around stump grinding. Alternatively, you may leave us a message through the contact form on our website.