Crown Thinning Tree Services Leeds | West Yorkshire Tree Services

Crown Thinning/Crown Clean

We usually perform crown thinning once the outer crown has become overgrown. This involves cutting and reshaping certain branches to give an even density of the tree. This will not affect the overall size of the tree.

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Deadwooding Tree Services Leeds | West Yorkshire Tree Services

Dead Wooding

When a tree is under stress or is under attack limbs of the tree often die therefore creating deadwood. In a trees natural environment deadwood can be left alone for gravity and natural causes to take place but if a tree is in a high risk zone deadwood can become very dangerous if left unmanaged.

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Tree Removal Leeds


When trees can’t be felled they have to be dismantled using specialist techniques ropes and professional methods. Methods such as lowering, crane removal, zip lining are common within arboriculture.

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Tree Felling Leeds


When a tree is a hazard they are often felled, a small gob is placed in the bottom of the tree in the direction of which the tree needs to be felled. Once the arborist is certain that the tree is safe to fell a back cut is inserted and the tree is felled.

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Shaping/Pruning Tree Services Leeds | West Yorkshire Tree Services


When shaping and pruning trees the key factor that should be observed is how well we can predict the tree is going to react to the work that is taking place. The more of tree removed the more stress the tree feels, increasing the chance of the tree dying.

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Stump Grinding Tree Services Leeds | West Yorkshire Tree Services

Stump Grinding

In forestry and arboriculture not every part of the tree can be taken out by use of a chainsaw. The roots of a tree stretch out as far as the branches and in some cases even further. This is a stump grinder, it is power tool or piece of equipment that can either be petrol or diesel powered.

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