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Are you on the hunt for somebody to help with your tree removal Leeds? Thankfully you’re in the right place. At West Yorkshire Tree Services we have vast experience of removing and dismantling trees in the Leeds and Yorkshire area, regardless of the technical or complexity of the circumstances.

We are able to remove trees where felling isn’t possible, maintaining high standards of health and safety at all times. We do so in a precise way, leaving your space clear of debris and waste. If you require a quick, responsive and reliable tree removal team, look no further than West Yorkshire Tree Services.

Our tree removal services include Conifer Removal & Reduction, Hedge Removal, Large Tree Removal, Dangerous Tree Removal, Advice on Removal of Protected Trees, Emergency Tree Removal and Tree Clearance & Land Clearing.


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Why would you want to remove or dismantle a tree?

Dismantling is a method of tree removal when felling from the ground cannot be done.

Dismantling a tree is an ideal method for trees that are:

* Dead
* Dangerous
* Storm damaged
* Overhanging buildings and property
* On a site with difficult access or confined spaces

Leeds tree removal is important for both health and safety as well as maintaining the appeal of gardens and open spaces. Get in touch today to being your tree dismantling project.

How does tree removal in Leeds work?

Dismantling is a common method of tree removal, it may be necessary to dismantle even the smallest of trees, depending on whether felling the tree in one go is appropriate and safe.

The operation of sectional felling is undertaken as follows: the climber will access the highest/safest point of the tree and install his climbing line. A rigging pulley with a rated line will be placed around a structural branch collar at the top of the tree. When these tasks have been completed the climber will start dismantling the tree limbs from the bottom upward.

This ensures a clear path to the ground. All the cut material is lowered to the ground with a great deal of care and precision. The ground crew runs the lowering rope through a friction device to aid in taking the full weight of the branch. Once all the side growth has been removed, the climber will then start sectioning down the stem until it has been cut to the ground level.

Once the tree has been removed or dismantled accordingly our team will clear the site leaving your garden ready for you to enjoy to the full.


tree removal in leeds


Why choose West Yorkshire Tree Services for your tree removal project?

We work with both residential and business clients and have a wide range of regular clients covering golf courses, property management companies, developers and care homes.

The quality of our tree removal services is something we take pride in at West Yorkshire Tree Services and once we receive your request your project will be allocated to a highly trained and skilled tree surgeon to project manage.

Alongside professional tree removal we offer a range of tree services at a very competitive rate along with a friendly, reliable and efficient service that is truly unrivalled. Alongside the highest training and accreditation, all of our staff have a true passion for delivering a thorough service in a way that suits you. Based in Leeds, we never outsource any of our work, ensuring we can maintain a high standard of workmanship. Your tree removal Leeds project will always be completed by us.

Get in touch to start your tree removal project

We undertake all tree removal projects for both commercial and residential customers. If you are unsure of the tree service you are looking for then contact West Yorkshire Tree Services on 01134 182364 for any advice you may need.

Alternatively, you may leave us a message through the contact form on our website.